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Currently, Prof. al-Anani is working on two research projects. The first explores the transformations of Islamist political parties after the Arab Spring ideologically, organizationally, and politically. The second examines the impact of emotions and memory of opposition under authoritarian regimes.



Religion and Politics

I study the interplay of religion and politics in everyday life and how it affects individuals and groups.

Durham University, United Kingdom

Ph.D. in Political Science (2013)

Authoritarianism and Democratization

I study how authoritarian regimes in the Middle East survive and endure popular discontent and why democracy is absent in that region.


Social Movements, Discontent, and Mobilization

I study the interplay of social movements and contentious politics in authoritarian contexts. 

Cairo University, Egypt

Masters of Political Science (2009)

Cairo University, Egypt

Bachelor of Political Science (1996)

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